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Make Your Own Website

If you do not have your personalized website and online order service provided for your customers ordering their foods, it is very hard to set up your brand. After you signed up with our company, you can get the personalized website and online order service. Plus, you can have a way your customers hear your story and you can display your images and videos.

Your business logo is that we focus on promoting your shop, and improving your customers intimately bound up with your shop. Thus, your logo displaying all pages, it makes your customers remember your brand, and you get more chances they come back to you for ordering food.

What we do extra for you, you will have excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). More your customers will find your shop.

Advanced Terminal

With a 5.45” screen and 17.8mm body, the terminal is portable and easy to be held by hands. Plus, the idea is to integrate a printer with the terminal. When you got orders from us, it rings you and reminds you to receive the orders.

I believe that you would be busy and not enough time to tap the ‘Accept Order’ option after joined us. Thus, We provide the ‘Automatically accept orders’ function and it accepts and prints out all upcoming orders automatically.

The following extra functions of the terminal:

  • Switch Online / Offline Temporarily
  • Cancel Orders
  • Defer Order Time
  • Refund Payments
  • View All The ‘Today’ Orders
  • Preset Delivery / Collection Time
  • Double Space for Till Roll
  • 4G & Wi-Fi